All of us at BTE are excited about our goals for a number of reasons:

  • We have discovered efficient methods of producing a clean burning BioCrude Oil, which can replace or subsidize fossil fuels.
  • We have the potential to improve the environment through carbon neutral or negative processes and the production of cleaner burning fuels.
  • We can improve the economy of nations and regions alike by making them energy independent, by creating BTE related jobs, and by producing earth-friendly, biofuel-related products such as plastics, paints, fertilizers, fuel additives, and soap.
  • Equally exciting is the fact that all this can be accomplished without need of restructuring the existing energy infrastructure (such as vehicles and fueling stations) already in place.
  • All BTE needs to achieve all of these goals is your support and investment.
  • What makes BTE the right choice?

  • BTE can use a wide variety of feedstocks and use various methods to produce high grade oil. This makes us very flexible and efficiant compared to similar companies.
  • We also have efficient methods for upgrading our oil. Our upgrading methods are also more efficient than those of similair companies.
  • The oil we produce is a higher grade oil than most biocrude oils.
  • Our plants can serve large or small regions as needed and easily be expanded to additional regions.
  • New Energy, such as solar power, means ‘replacing present types of transportation’ (cars, planes, jets, buses, heavy machinery, etc.) with completely new types. Most other alternate fuels would also require us to completely reform our entire infrastructure. Imagine the cost!
  • BTE is an Alternate Source Energy which means we will not be changing our current fuel and energy structure, but making a replacement fuel. It can be used NOW as well as in the future when fossil fuel will no longer support us.
  • Fossil Fuels are not renewable or sustainable. Biocrude Oil is.