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BTE on the Cutting Edge of Biocrude Oil

  • There have been casualties in the Biofuel industry, such as plants in Malaysia and other regions of the world facing shut downs, as result of their dependence on palm oil to produce their fuel. When the price of palm oil rocketed, these plants faced operation cost close downs. What makes BTE different than many similar companies, is that BTE does not rely on any one or even two types of feedstock to produce its oil. BTE can use many types of biomass to produce their oil, and none of them is oriented towards human or livestock consumption. To date, they have certified that various micro-algae types, woody biomass such as woodchips, sawdust, and other tree litter, various grasses, leaves, mulch, and even refuse and other kinds of waste can be used to produce Biocrude Oil which burns far cleaner than fossil fuels. Between the processes and low emissions, BTE's fuel is carbon neutral, and with their carbon capture systems, their entire process promises to be carbon negative. BTE's feedstock pool is expanding every day with new breakthroughs and studies. This makes the feedstock supplies that BTE depends on to produce its fuel reliable and abundant, and makes BTE very versatile.

  • Relying on any one product to produce oil is risky, for if the price of that product rises, so does the cost of making the oil. Because BTE processes use renewable, sustainable and varied feedstock which is abundant, inexpensive to maintain and to procure, they will not face the problem of wild cost fluctuations in production costs, which has proven to be such a problem in the development of the biofuel industry. BTE has several other edges over the competition as well; their process makes it possible to produce a cleaner burning crude oil which has the same energy potential as petroleum products, and their methods prove to be very efficient. Lastly, BTE's Oil is upgradeable, and they are also building upgradeable plants that can meet the needs of improved or new fuel types and advances in technology. All this combined makes it possible for BTE to meet the pressure of supply and demand from consumers, produce high grade oil, and ensure that the price of their oil will remain as stable and affordable for consumers today as it will be tomorrow.

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    BTE on the Cutting Edge of Biocrude Oil

    BTE can look to the future knowing they will not be at the mercy of market fluctutions in the feedstock supplies they depend on. BTE gets ahead of the problems that may arise in the future.

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