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There are several bio-fuels are on the market right now, but they all have drawbacks.

BioDiesel: This fuel is made from vegetable oil through a chemical process that makes it into a replacement diesel fuel.

Ethanol: is usually made from corn and sugar cane; new techniques can make it from many cellulose rich plant matters and other biomass.

Though they may be made from recycled sources in the future, BioDiesel and ethanol currently are made mostly from expensive crops like soybeans and oil which inflates food costs.

Ethanol can only be blended to 20% in unmodified cars. Non-polluting green gasoline runs in regular cars, and can be made from bio crude oil which can be made out of almost any biomass.

Immediate Solutions

BioCrude oil and Synthesis gas are the products being considered for a new alternative fuel economy.

Synthesis gas can be made into a range of gas fuels, but takes a lot of energy to make.

BioCrude Oil takes less heat to make and can use biomass feedstock such as wood pulp and leaves.

Other Alternative Energies

In order for us to become energy independent we must develop practical and efficient energy resources.

Presently, a host of energy technologies are being researched and applied, such as; wind turbines, natural gas for transportation, geothermal power, hydrogen fuel cells, electric vehicles, and solar power.

Each of these is nearly non-polluting, renewable and carbon neutral.

To become economical, these new technologies will need billions of dollars to build a new infrastructure (such as new kinds of cars and filling stations)

What solution works with existing transportation and fuel distribution systems? BioCrude Oil does. It is a practical and efficient solution.

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BTE on the Cutting Edge of Biocrude Oil

BTE can look to the future knowing they will not be at the mercy of market fluctutions in the feedstock supplies they depend on. BTE gets ahead of the problems that may arise in the future.

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