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BTE is an energy-based company with the goal of producing a renewable alternate source of fuel, which can replace and subsidize fossil fuels. Using multiple techniques, we can create biocrude oil (BCO) from various types of feed stock. By upgrading and refining we are able to make BCO into most of the same products that come from the petrochemical industry, using the same infrastructure, and more cost-effectively than fossile fuels. Read more about BCO...

BCO is not bio-diesel or ethanol. It is a direct alternative to fossile fuels. Read more about BCO vs. other Alternative Energy...

BTE's processes are carbon negative, and the fuel produced by them cleaner-burning than fossile fuels. Read more about BTE's affect on the environment...

Fall News

BTE on the Cutting Edge of Biocrude Oil

BTE can look to the future knowing they will not be at the mercy of market fluctutions in the feedstock supplies they depend on. BTE gets ahead of the problems that may arise in the future.

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